eiaft basic hangun course 175

Defensive Pistol I

Course Fee:   $175  + Range fee - $20

Short Description: Defensive Pistol I.  Classroom time covers basic weapons safety, mindset, threat evaluation, weapons manipulation including grip, sight alignment, sight picture, aimed fire, point shooting, a draw from the holster, speed reloads, tactical reloads and clearing weapons malfunctions.

Range work includes basic marksmanship, aimed fire, point shooting, combat effective engagement of a threat, speed reloads, tactical reloads, clearing weapon malfunctions, use of cover, use of concealment, movement and the teaching of a broad range of shooting drills to provide you the skills to continue learning these defensive techniques.  The vast majority of the day will be spent on the range and require approximately 250 rounds of ammunition.

Required Equipment:

  • Sturdy pistol belt
  • Strong side holster
  • Three magazines or speed loaders (for a revolver)
  • Three magazine or speed loader belt cases
  • A functioning pistol - .38 cal or larger
  • Long pants, comfortable shirt, sturdy shoes
  • Any other weather-appropriate outer wear (we will shoot regardless of weather)
  • Baseball Cap
  • Hearing protection (“ear muffs”)
  • Eye protection
  • 250 rounds of ammunition
  • Water bottle - filled
eift 3-250

An e.IA.f.t. Developed Course.

This is not a NRA Certified Course.

Eastern Iowa Firearms Training

PO Box 879     Vinton, Iowa   52349

William Keller          wkeller@eiaft.com          (319) 640-5532

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