eiaft basic hangun course 175

A few words from the folks that really matter, the folks we are trying our best to serve and the folks we appreciate most - our customers!!

Really appreciated your time and the insight you brought to this training session. It's always great to get the perspective from as many "knowledgeable" instructors as possible. Good luck with your future endeavors.

Cory M.  -  NRA PPOTH Instructor Course

You did a great job! Thanks again -very glad I went. I don't think you were "too military" at all, and with newbies, caution is not a bad thing! Dad was pleased as punch when I told him he needs to take me target shooting. :)

Kristen S.  -  NRA Basic Pistol

We were very pleased with the class. We learned alot. You did a great job of keeping it interesting and informative. We would recommend it for everyone. The diverse range of topics was nice. Many thanks.

Randy & June S.  -  Defensive Pistol I & II

It was a lot of fun! My wife (Lisa) was so excited she could hardly sleep last night.  Thanks a lot for the class and in the future-- when a bit warmer and we have more range time-- I'm looking forward to taking more training!

Fred S.  -  NRA Basic Pistol

I liked that handguns and equipment were provided - that we didn’t already have to own everything to take the class.

Michael H.  -  NRA Basic Pistol

I liked the “SAFETY!  Instructor very knowledgeable, easy to approach.  Positive experience for a beginner.  Thank You!”

Liz R.  -  NRA Basic Pistol

They were good at “explaining the guns, safety definitely and personal stories all made it good learning.  I liked the small class size!”

Shirley D.  -  NRA Basic Pistol

“Solid instruction on stance, aim, trigger pull.  Made sense, easy to remember.  Will recommend course and instructor.

Chris R.  -  NRA Basic Pistol

I liked “the hands-on part - handling the guns, ammo, etc . . .”

Samantha W.  -  NRA Basic Pistol

“I enrolled in e.IA.f.t’s Defensive Pistol I course in the Fall of 2011. The only experience I had with firearms was in the military a few years prior to taking the course. Bill did an excellent job refreshing me on the basics on the proper handling and safety procedures regarding firearms, as well as enlightening me on various laws and regulations I was unaware of. As a relatively inexperienced shooter, the drills taught in the course showed me how to become a more accurate shooter and helped to prepare me for possible real life circumstances in which the use of a firearm is necessary.“

          Glen P.,  2nd LT, USAF – e.IA.f.t. Defensive Pistol I

“Would and will recommend class to others as an alternative to a simple Concealed Carry class.  I consider myself a semi-experienced shooter, but I learned and reinforced skills I didn’t use or had become rusty.”

          Dan C. – NRA Basic Pistol

“Being able to learn parts and handle first, then load instruction, before going out to the range made me feel more comfortable in the process.  Very well put together and delivered in an appropriate manner for me.”

          Linda C. – NRA Basic Pistol

“Very well done.  Bill made time to meet my schedule and was very friendly and helpful as well as knowledgeable.  It worked well with me and my son.  We learned a lot and had a great time doing it.  Look forward to our next course”

          Steve D. – NRA Basic Pistol

“I felt the course was very enjoyable and easy to understand.  My wife has not been around guns very much and she was able to understand and learn a lot.  I would recommend the course for anyone at any level.”

          Bret N. – NRA Basic Pistol

“What I thought helped me most was shooting on the range, the skill level of the instructors and plenty of opportunity for questions.  I really liked the humor, it put everyone at ease.  Respect was shown to everyone regardless of skill level.  Thanks so much!!”

          Mary C. – NRA Basic Pistol – Ladies Only class

“What I thought was most useful was range time, the NRA book and a general, positive attitude by the instructors.  Thanks to Bill and Tom, you did a great job.    You made me feel safe on the range and had good, practical stories.”

          Aaron K. – NRA Basic Pistol

“The parts that were most beneficial were dry fire, stance, reloading and malfunction clearing, emphasis on the need to practice all of these.  Great course, I learned a lot.  Look forward to practicing on my one and Defensive Pistol II.”

        Matt R. – e.IA.f.t. Defensive Pistol I

“I loved the laid-back approach and the fluidity of the subject matter.  Class flowed with questions NOT just power point order.  The Instructor was knowledgable and experienced in every aspect of the course.”

        Ryan H. - NRA Basic Pistol


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