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Eastern Iowa Firearms Training – e.IA.f.t. is dedicated to the training of the new or inexperienced shooter.  Proper use of a firearm is accomplished through both education and use.  A new or inexperienced shooter is presented with a wide range of unfamiliar challenges:  What gun is right for me?  How does it work?  How do I hold it, aim it and shoot it?  What are the basic rules of safety? How do I clean it?  Which gun would work best for defending my home or to carry with me to defend myself?  What steps should I take for personal defense outside the home?  What is expected of me at a shooting range?   When I go to the range to “practice” – just what should I practice? 

We present a number of different courses to answer these questions.  Through the NRA we offer a full range of course work covering everything from basic firearm safety, introductions to the pistol, rifle and shotgun all the way through skills and knowledge needed to defend yourself, your family and friends while carrying a concealed firearm.

We have built our own classes to provide you solid instruction on the range to develop your pistol handling skills through our Defensive Pistol I class and then expand on that to include use of concealment and cover, finding the balance between speed, pistol handling and accuracy with our Defensive Pistol II class.

We also feel strongly that proper training of our youth is also very important.  To that end, we offer the BSA Scouting Merit badge course in both Rifle and Shotgun.  These are down without cost excepting a small range fee to any Troop in our region.

So please, review our courses, look through the photos of some of our classes, read the feedback from the folks that have used us, we believe we offer true value for the money you spend with us and we look forward to serving you in the future.

Eastern Iowa Firearms Training

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