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EDC - Every Day Carry

An EDC (Every Day Carry) System consists of those items you carry on your person each and every day - without fail.  For a person concerned with personal defense as well their survival, it’s composition is important.  It is defined by the needs and desires of the individual - there is NO right answer.  But, by evaluating the EDC systems of different individuals, you can get a general flavor of what typically goes into one, why it is there and then you can evaluate whether it works for you.

My EDC system is divided into three seperate elements - Personal Defense, Survival and finally Personal.  In the following videos, I provide a general overview of the entire system and then a detailed overview of each individual element.  My purpose is to provide you a starting point for your own EDC system.  It is, my no means, a be-all, end-all system - just a description of my own personal EDC.


EDC System Overview

Personal Protection Element

Survival Element

Personal Element

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