eiaft basic hangun course 175

There are two major categories of shooting drills in our training system.  Simply, they are “Dry Fire” and “Live Fire”.  In under each of these categories, there are three subsections:  “From Low-Ready”, “From Strong-side Holster” and “From Strong-Side Holster with Concealment”.  We will add videos as they become available.


 Live Fire

From Strong-Side Holster with Concealment

Threat Right - 2 round engagement

Threat 6 oclock - 2 round engagement

Lateral Movement - 2 round engagement

Forward Movement during engagement

Rearward Movement - 2 round engagement

Engagement after rotation - 2 round engagement

Strong Side Engagement - 2 rounds

Weak Side Engagement - 2 rounds

Engaging Threat from seated position - 2 rounds

Engage Threat over barricade - 2 rounds

Engage Threat around barricade - 2 rounds

Course Qualification.wmv

Focal Point Shooting

From Strong-Side Holster with Concealment

2-Hand, Full Extension, 21ft

1-Hand, 3/4 Hip, 21ft

1-Hand, 1/2 Hip, 21ft

1-Hand, Close Hip, 21ft.

1-Hand, Close Hip, 15ft

2-Hand, Full extension, 50ft


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