eiaft basic hangun course 175

The videos that follow are to give prospective students an idea of the content of our various courses.   They are a sample and do not reflect all drills, lectures or philosophies of e.IA.f.t.  The primary focus of e.IA.f.t. is to provide the new or inexperienced shooter a starting point to begin gaining the “knowledge, skills and attitude” required to safely use a firearm - both for recreation and for personal defense.

As in all things, opinions abound at to the right and proper way to do everything from loading a magazine to drawing from concealment when a threat is at your 6 o’clock position.  I expect that those viewing these videos will have their opinions as well.  I believe that is a good thing.  Please, use our facebook page to leave your thoughts and ideas.  Keep the discourse civil and informative.  I believe the proper “attitude” to have when taking any training is:  “What can I learn from this trainer?”  I offer these videos in that spirit.

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